Reward and Recognize Your People

Give more to, and get more from, your people.

Reward, Retain, and Recruit the Best

People-first organizations use InCred to transform real world professional achievements into verified credentials. With InCred, achievements feel more tangible. Studies show the value of personalized, shareable recognition. Show your people you value and appreciate them. Celebrated, appreciated people perform better, stay longer, recruit their friends, are happier.

Empower Your Managers

Great managers use InCred to mobilize their team to achieve their goals, recognize their team's achievements, and create a culture of high performance and celebrating success.

Make Credentials More Equitable and Valuable

Not everyone can access top universities. That doesn't mean those people aren't star performers who create huge value for your organization. Some people get their training and credentials on the job. Level the playing field by turning real world professional achievements into verified credentials.

View CREDs Everywhere

After your professional achievements become verified credentials, you can take them anywhere: InCred, LinkedIn, OpenSea, MetaMask, and more.

How It Works

Design, mint, and award your CREDs in minutes


A member of your team achieves their goal


You mint and award the CRED to the incredible human


Everyone celebrates and shares the achievement internally and externally

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